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About Flexispray

Simplicity, value and modern design are the hallmarks of the latest Flexispray range of showers, tapware and accessories.

It’s exciting to present them to you, as we understand your desire for good-looking, great-feeling showers and tapware in your bathroom and your kitchen.

While trends in renovation see the kitchen getting smaller, the bathroom is gaining importance in the home and as a result, the size of our bathroom is probably the one place you can close the door and enjoy some time alone!

The Flexispray range offers solutions for every style, DIY and water saving considerations. We are intent on providing the right option for you, no matter what your needs or desires.

It’s all about achieving your vision, and getting the best result whether at home or in a commercial space. If your bathroom and tapware fittings must withstand the rigour of the general public, or even the discerning designer eye of your partner at home - the Flexispray range will deliver a solution.