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Q: Do water saving showers vary much? How do I know which one to buy?

A: Yes, water saving showers vary enormously! Some operate by simply reducing the amount of water through the shower head. This often results in a poor shower experience and makes it difficult to rinse hair properly which gives all water saving showers a bad name! Flexispray showers are designed to deliver less water but in a much more forceful way. Water pressure is maintained and rinsing hair is no problem at all. Flexispray showers have also been designed to provide excellent water coverage, with the added benefit of massage spray options which make sure you have an excellent shower experience.

Always look for a 3 Star WELS rating; and look for the showers the plumbing industry promotes - as they have proven performance.

Q: Do I need a plumber to change to a water saving shower?

A: No, it’s easy to change! You can simply remove your old shower and replace it with the same kind of shower - wall shower with a water saving wall shower - without any drilling required. Flexispray installation information is in our downloadable pdf’s and on our packaging. Easy to follow step by step guides will make it easy. If you have any queries, use the Methven Help Line 1300 638 483 who will be happy to assist.

Rail showers do require drilling to install. However, a template is in your packaging and its easy to do. You’ll need a hand drill with a ceramic bit. If you need assistance, your local plumbing hardware store will assist by recommending somone to help in your area.

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