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The Flexisray tapware range provides a wide variety of stylish and functional products to suit both domestic and commercial applications.


The Medea tapware range is the perfect choice for those who want to add the finishing touch to their contemporary bathroom and kitchen. The design offers a well-blended combination of sleek and smooth silhouettes, not to mention refined functionality and reliability.


Built to endure the rigours of the bathroom and kitchen environment, the Echo Circa and Strata tapware range is the pinnacle of functional and practical design. Contemporary styling, sturdy construction, reliable quality and flawless operation have been the key ingredients of this success story right across homes in Australia.


Milos tapware is ideal for any bathroom decor and is perfect for new homes or renovations. Milos offers excellent quality and value for those with a budget in mind. All mixers feature ceramic cartridge technology and are suitable for main pressure installations.

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